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Pitbull to Build “The Mr. Worldwide Amusement Park” at the site of the old Miami Herald Building

April 1, 2023

Miami’s very own Pitbull, the self-proclaimed Mr. Worldwide, has announced plans to build an amusement park that reflects his global vision. The park, aptly named “The Mr. Worldwide Amusement Park,” will feature a range of thrilling and exciting attractions that celebrate the vibrant culture and unique identity of Miami, Florida.

Pitbull purchased the land for $1.35 Billion

The Miami Herald originally sold the land for just $235 Million

The “305 Coaster” is set to be the centerpiece of the park, taking riders on a thrilling roller coaster ride through Miami’s iconic skyline, featuring twists, turns, and an epic drop into traffic. “Tácita Twirl” will offer guests a chance to spin around on a teacup-style ride with a Latin twist, while “Dale Drop Tower” promises to be a pulse-pounding drop tower experience with a catchy Pitbull soundtrack.

Tacita Twirl

A spinning teacup-style ride with a Latin twist, where guests salsa dance to a lively soundtrack as they whirl around.

The park will also feature “Mambo Wave Swinger,” a wave swinger ride adorned with colorful Miami-inspired designs that lifts and spins riders in a festive, rhythmic dance. For a family-friendly attraction, “Traffic Crash” will offer guests the chance to experience bumper-to-bumper traffic in a bumper car set on the Palmettos.

Dale Drop

A pulse-pounding drop tower experience with a catchy Pitbull soundtrack, promising adrenaline-filled excitement.

Guests will also have the opportunity to experience “Little Havana Street Party Parade,” a daily musical parade through the park, featuring live bands, vibrant floats, and dancers showcasing Miami’s diverse cultural heritage. “Mr. Worldwide’s Splash Zone” will provide a water play area with splash pads, water slides, and a giant tipping bucket, perfect for cooling off on Brickell’s flooded streets.

Other attractions include “Palm Tree Plunge,” a log flume ride weaving through a tropical palm tree forest, culminating in a breathtaking splashdown finale, and “Wynwood Graffiti Experience,” an interactive, art-focused attraction where guests can create their own digital graffiti on virtual walls, inspired by Miami’s famous Wynwood Walls.

The Mr. Worldwide Amusement Park is set to become a must-visit destination for locals and tourists alike. With Pitbull’s global vision and Miami’s unique identity, the park promises to be a one-of-a-kind experience that reflects the energy and excitement of Miami.


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