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MDX to Add Express Lane Within Existing Express Lane in Miami

April 1, 2023

in Miami, Florida, the announcement by MDX (Miami-Dade Expressway Authority) regarding the addition of an express lane within the existing express lane is significant news that would affect many drivers in the area coming in 2024.

This new lane within the express lane is likely to ease traffic congestion on the already heavily used express lanes in Miami. The price? MDX reports they believe it will be 4X the normal express lanes cost but they will be limiting access. The new Vehicle Integration Program will use the added lane and will provide more space for certain cars to travel. City Officials along with every resident of Fisher Island will be issued a V.I.P. Express at launch in 2024. To sign up visit 

The city expects there will decrease a decrease in the wait time and congestion in the existing express lane. However, it’s worth noting that the addition of this new lane may come at a cost to drivers, as the tolls for using the express lanes will increase as a result. MDX has not yet announced whether the tolls for using the express lane will change once the new lane is in place, but it’s worth keeping an eye on.


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